The Haunted House Returns for the 26th Time!

hhlobbymix2Cape Cod’s Number One Holiday attraction returns for the 26th year. Over 70 thousand people have visited the Drama Club’s holiday attraction over the years. Generations of families have joined with the Drama Club in celebrating this spooky season. “We now have teens whose parents were in a Haunted House when they attended Barnstable High School!” ┬ásaid John Sullivan Drama Coach who started the Haunted House back in 1978. “It’s something the drama Club does to show students they can act. It starts with a student scaring people by jumping out of the dark and they see the “actors” working and say to themselves ‘Hey, I can do that!’ and the next thing you know they’re in there acting up a storm and then continue working on the larger productions. Sullivan likes to point out they the Haunted House is the oldest and most elaborate Haunted House on Cape Cod. “After doing it for so long you save the props and costumes from year to year it just keeps building. Larger props like Jabba the Hut, E.T. Fluffy from Harry Potter and other giant props have to be destroyed after the Haunted House is over because the lack of anyplace large enough to store them. I tell kids it’s like building sandcastles at the low tide mark, they’re beautiful while they last, but when the tide comes in (or the show ends) they’re gone and it’s time to start planning the next one.”

The Haunted House will open Oct 24 and open for the weekend and then closed Monday the 27th. It reopens Tuesday the 28 and then closes on Oct 30. The Haunted House opens at 6pm each night and closes when the line is gone (around 8pm). Admission is $3 and tickets can be bought at the door. The Haunted House is held in the Barnstable High School Performing Arts Center, 744 West Main Street, Hayannis. The Haunted House does post the following warning “The Haunted House contains Strobe Lights. Smoke Machines, Water Pistols, Loud Noises and Teenagers!”

All proceeds go toward other Drama Club productions.