The Drama Club strives to include every student no matter what their ability. Students are taught a wide variety of skills. Back stage skills such as set building, mask making, special effects, make-up, theater management, lighting design, sound design, costume construction, scene painting, prop construction, dancing, and movement are all readily available to students. Acting techniques and vocal instruction are offered to students during the rehearsal process in the Drama Club. The Drama Club believes in the overall theater experience; all cast members must get involved in one or more areas of every show. A minimum of 15 hours per show is required of every cast member. Students are taught that they have a responsibility to attend rehearsals, be on time for work meetings, and behave during the rehearsal process.
The Drama Club expanded in 1985 to include a summer theater: The Barnstable Summer Family Theater. This multi-award winning arm of the Drama Club continues this summer.
The Drama Club believes it has to be responsible to the community as well as the school. To this end, the Drama Club works with many outside organizations to give students the belief that they can make a better community be becoming active participants. Working with the March of Dimes, the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Cape Cod and the Islands, and the Hyannis Chamber of Commerce and others has proved both beneficial for the organizations as well as the students. Having students work with community also improves school relations in the community and presents students in a positive light.

The Drama Club was established to be a rewarding, as well as a fun, after school activity that challenges student’s ability and creativity. The Drama Club never asks students to choose between one activity over another. We try to adjust rehearsal schedules to allow students to become involved in more than one activity, thus producing a more balanced high school experience. It is the students responsibility to fulfill the requirements of time each activity needs. The Drama Club hopes to continue in that tradition for many years to come.