With many of the double-cast actors making their debut in our second performance of “Journey to Storyland,” the Knight Theatre was full of Opening Night vibes once more!

An even bigger crowd than we had Thursday night was just as receptive and appreciative of the humor and creativity of the play and the antics of the cast. Not sure what they liked best: the dancing elephant? three not-so-little pigs? Little Miss Pigtails? the daringly different chase scene? You’ll just have to see for yourself!

Sample audience comments over the two nights: “Clever!” “Really well written.” “Never saw that line about custard coming!” “I love the Cliche Crew!” See why you have to be there, folks?

Tonight’s show closes our opening weekend, but we get right back at it next Monday afternoon with a special free preview of the play that we’ll be doing at 5 PM at Liberty Hall in conduction with our friends at the Marstons Mills Library. If you haven’t been able to get to Barnstable High School to see the show, this will be a great way to get a taste of the all-ages fun that the Barnstable Summer Family Playhouse has made its specialty for 30 years.

Seats are still available for Wednesday’s 10 AM matinee back at the Knight, and of course, we will re-open for our 7 PM evening shows next Thursday, July 18, and continue on Friday and Saturday nights as well.

Reserve tickets now (just $10) by calling the BHS Drama Club at (508) 771-6246.

See you at the show!