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 Spring Musical: She Loves Me

March Performance Dates:
16th, 17th, 23rd & 24th @ 7:00pm
18th & 24th @ 2:00pm




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BHSDC Barnstable High School Drama Club



We can be a little DRAMATIC at times…  Join us!  Check below for upcoming shows!


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BHSDC Makes a Difference with Women of Lockerbie

“Hate will not win in Lockerbie.”

The Women of Lockerbie showcased the love and community born from tragedy in the December performance.

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Thank you to the hundreds of you for packing the theatre each night for our show! We had an outstanding time on stage thanks to hard work and YOU in the audience!  Join us again for our next BHSDC show-Ten Minute Play Festival!

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Students Directors/Actors

Tech Members


Incredible Show

Next BHSDC Performance: Disney's High School Musical








BHSDC members perform Disney’s High School Musical!  Performance dates are November 17, 18, 24 & 25 at 7:00pm. November 19 & 25 at 2:00pm. Click to buy!

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What is BHSDC Theatre all about?

We are a team of dedicated thinkers, feelers, authors, actors, builders, artists, directors and creators.

We are raw and powerful. Polished and beautiful. We are theatre for you and theatre for us.  Join us.





On Stage


Lights.  Camera.  Action.

Whether it’s a Broadway musical, a poignant piece of history or the Annual Haunted House.  BHSDC goes all out, every time, giving everything they’ve got.  Click around to see more of our current and past works and spread the theatre love to all…

Fall Performances

Fall shows always bring something new to the stage…a classic piece here, a topical piece there and ever an opportunity for students to kick off the school year with their talent. 

Spring Musicals

Every year begins with a challenging musical classic performed at BHS!  Singing on stage adds a new level to theatre and BHSDC knocks it out of the park each year with its musical talents!

Ten Minute Play Festival

BHSDC challenges our team to write, direct, cast, set and successfully execute a meaningful message each year in the Ten Minute Play Festival.

Recent Performances & Initiatives

2016-2017 Open Rehearsal Times

BHSDC holds open rehearsals periodically so everyone has an opportunity to see what it’s like leading up to all of those performances. See Mr. Billard for Open Rehearsal dates.

Annual Fall Haunted House

What happens in Bondville…doesn’t happen anyone else…WE HOPE!  Experience the Annual Fall Haunted House at BHS. Bring your family, friends or anyone you want to scare the bejeezers out of!  Not so scary path available upon request.

2016 Ten Minute Play Festival

BHSDC challenges our team to write, direct, cast, set and successfully execute a meaningful message in the Ten Minute Play Festival each year. Learn more…

BHSDC In the News

Our performances are well known for their professional production as well as their important topics and messages.We appreciate the local coverage by the press in helping spread the good work of theatre, by us and all of the dedicated artists everywhere.

“Hatred will not have the last word in Lockerbie.”


Barnstable High School Drama Club performed The Women of Lockerbie in December of 2016, # years after the tragedy struck the little town in Scotland and echoed around the world. The performance showed the real experiences of the people involved in the tragedy and conveyed the message of healing and love winning through it all.  BHSDC sent a book of comments from the audience to the national museum exhibit dedicated to the families and their healing.